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Universal Ingredience of Life: Duncan Hines Cake Mix

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 7:35 PM

In choosing to create the life that we want to live we must have clear and defined goals.  What turns our goals into a reality, and not merely a dream, is to have clarity around the steps needed to attain the goals.  Knowing the destination is relatively easy, it’s the journey that can present the biggest challenge.  The dilemma I faced earlier this week was in articulating that point so it was crystal clear. 

In my weekly lecture to a group of women who are currentlyresiding in a local shelter, I was trying to get the point across that “even if you have set a goal and you can see with clarity what you are wanting, there are steps that are required to getting there.”   While in board terms they understood what I was talking about, it was seeing the importance of creating realistic and measurable action steps and the honing down and refinement of the journey that was causing miscommunication.  And based on the responses that I was receiving, I quickly realized that I was not getting my point across.

As I stood in front of a room with about 30 women, I ask for an intercession of divine providence.  I was experiencing what my listening audience didn’t understand.  I had my goal and it was clear.  What was unclear  to me were the steps I needed totake to achieve my end goal of sharing my information in the way that I wanted.   As many of you know, I love to cook and during my lectures, many of the analogies that I use to explain or hit home a point comes from “Wendy’s Kitchen.”  And providence didn’t fail me.  Instantaneously, a picture of a box of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix with double chocolate fudge frosting filled my mind.  

Given that Pinnacle Foods produce 33 different cake mixes, I asked the women which was their favorite Duncan Hines Cake Mix.  Once it was established which flavor and frosting was their preference, I drew their attention to the sides of the box,which gives historical, ingredients and calorific information about the product.  And, on the back of the box it gives step by steps instructions on how to bake your cake.   I went on to explain that the analogy for baking their favorite cake is much like attaining your goals in life…there are steps involved that will take you to the desired end result.  

I could see that intellectually the women understood what I was saying, but there wasn’t a heart connection or a visceral reaction…and that’s what I aim for in my lectures.  I then held up my imaginary Duncan Hines white cake mix and stated this is my goal to bake this cake.  I listed the ingredience needed to make the cake, even down to the preference of using butter, margarine or oil.  I spoke of the need for, a bowl, mixer and spatula, pre-heating of the oven, baking tins and Baker’s Joy.  I also mentioned that I’d need a timer.  As I continue to speak, I could see that the imaginary picture I was creating was unfolding in their minds, they were going through the steps with me. 

I went on to explain that once we had everything that we needed to make the cake, it then moves to another level.  It becomes about the order, the action steps in which we used the ingredience, which is of vital importance to our desire outcome.  I asked the question “what will happen if into the cake tin, you throw in the cake mix , dump in three uncracked eggs, pour in oil and water, then spray the contents of the tin with bakers joy and then place in the oven to bake?”  Bingo!!!  The reactions that this mental imagery conjured up in their minds were both heartfelt and visceral; exactly what I wanted to achieve.  In short, they got it.  To make the cake you need a batter, to create the batter you have to have certain steps in place.

Collectively and individually, they understood that any goal that they have for their lives that they want to realize, must first have specific steps in place to achieve the desired end result. Otherwise, the chances of the outcome being favorable are limited.

We all have access to the Universal ingredience that we need to create the lives that we want to live. Sometimes the ingredience are on hand, for others it’s a quick trip to the store or an extensive search online. Once you have all that you need, it then becomes a question of the order in which we use our Universal ingredience to create the goal that we see in our minds eye.

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