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And So It Is

Posted on December 12, 2012 at 9:45 PM

Clarity is the key to all communication even with the Divine.  Be clear on what you are sending out inaction, word, thought and deed.  You see, ALL who are the recipients of your communiqué, will react to it.  Let me share a story to illustrate my meaning.

I decided to write a letter and send it to The Divine telling my version of my life story.  I explained what had become of me as a result of all the choices that I had made.  And also the things that had been done to me, because of my choices.  My thoughts were racing and I had a hard time pin pointing where one thought ended and another begun.  My mind and my words were all over the place.  And so I decided to write them down just as they poured out of me.  I knew without a doubt that the nature of my letter would be understood by the intended recipient.   As I didn’t want to take up too much time, I kept my letter short…and so with pride I sent out the following.

recemeerv 11th 2012

Dearest Divine,

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I waited, hardly daring to breathe, and the very next day my letter arrived.  I was so excited to have received my reply.  I tore the letter open, with expectation and anticipation rising, as I began to read the breath was torn from my body.  I was stunned!  I was absolutely speechless and a lot confused and more than a little hurt by the response.  In fact it baffled me.  The Divine sent a note back with the following reply:

My Beloved Wendy,



The Divine

Every emotional button that was on standby was pushed in that moment.  “Really!?   After pouring out my heart, this is Your response!?”  Getting over my initial huff and past my hurt, I silenced the negative chatter inside my head.  An in that silence I heard, clearly, “reread the letter that you sent ME.”  As I began to read what I had written shock, surprise, horror and embarrassment, filled me as this is what the Divine had seen too.  In that moment I realized that I had communicated how unclear my thoughts had been and not what I had want to say.  And as a result I had written down virtually every word without CLARITY.  

So taking a deep cleansing breath, I asked myself “what are you wanting to say?”  I rewrote my letter with clarity.  And with the intension that all who read it could and would understand.  Maybe not relate to the content, but would understand the words and my meaning.  And my letter said this:

December 11th 2012

Dearest Divine,

My Blessed experiences have taught me that I am whole,capable and complete.  I am not broken nor am I damaged.  I neither need to be fix nor do I need to fix anyone.  For within me are all answers to all questions and all solutions for all my problems.

I want to share with you that I am grateful for my life and all the things that I have chosen to experience, because they have made me into the strong woman I am today.

I see with crystal clear clarity the vision that I am wanting for my life and I know that it is NOW made manifest.

I am happy. I am joy.  I am flow. I am life. I am forgiveness. I am peaceful.

I am honest. I am giving. I am authentic. I am forgiven.  I am Love. I am grateful.

I am blessed. I am Divine essence.

I am choice.

I am ALL things…

For I am that I AM, and all that I AM is….ME!  This is who I was created to be.  Simply ME!  I AM the Present and I AM The Gift of My life!

Never presume to assume that God, The Universe, The Grand Architect,Creator of ALL, your Deity knows that you know, what you are wanting to express.  And what you are wanting to manifest into your life.  Whether sharing or asking be clear in your communiqué.  Be clear on what it is that you want to say.

Oh and the response I received eloquently said,

Beloved, I know.
And So It Is!

Now I invite you to listen to the lyrics of this song
!  Profound. Click here to listen

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Reply Wes
3:50 AM on December 14, 2012 
this is simply brilliant. thank you for sharing.