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Green Smoothies Don't Have To Taste Like Spinach

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 4:15 PM

Thank you to all my guests who attended my, wow, my very first book signing.  It still is amazing to me.  It went extremely well and as my dearest friend, Linda would have said, "who would have thunk it Wenz?" 

Fraught with all the challenges that go with the unknown factors that tend to present themselves, when creating and hosting an event, this one was no different.  Inspite of the challenges I can safely say that I did the late actress, who was and in many ways continues to be, my speech and drama teacher, Mrs. Phylis Calvert proud.

I try to learn something from everything that I do, especially events that I host or I participate in.  I don't spend time...okay...I don't spend a lot of time on if I woulda, shoulda, coulda.  What I do is reflect on is what I can do differently next time, to make both my experience and that of my guests that much better.


What I Learnt Yesterday

The one thing that I learnt from my guests yesterday, is that while people are kinda okay with a smoothie aproblem arises in getting their heads around the "green bit" of a green smoothie.  They try to accomplish this by trying to assimilate the "what it will taste like" in their minds.  And that becomes a bit of a challenge. You see it readily conjurers up sweet tasting fruit, that has been blended with with over cooked soggy veggies or  with a salad  minus dressing.  Not very appealing and therefore a little off putting.


What My Guest Learnt & Experienced

I think most of my guests yesterday were pleasantly surprised by the way in which nut milks, when blended with, frozen avocado & mango, fresh asparagus, kale celery, mint, apple, frozen organic mixed veggies, cucumber and coconut water can and will change the texture, depth, palate experience and nutritional and ultimate satiation value of a green smoothie.

They also got a glimpse into how easy it is to create your very own nut milks.  The most labor intensive being coconut milk. 


The addition of nut milks to the green smoothie or regular smoothie ups-the-ante dramatically: Fiber, taste, protein, nutritional value and the endless possibilities for creating your very own perfect smoothie(s).

But It's Not A Green Smoothie

2       cups fresh cashew nut milk sweetened with 3 - 4 Medjool Dates

1/2    carrot

1/2    parsnip

1/3    cucumber

1       apple

1/4    red bell pepper

1      banana

1-2   baby bok choy

4     asparagus spears

1/2 -3/4 cups of frozen black cherries

Blend the first 6 ingredients until slushy.  Add the remaining ingredients and blend until with a little coconut water if needed and blend until smooth can creamy.

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